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Rond-point de Plainpalais - 1205 Genève

Team 2021-22
Ieva Zuklyte & Jerlyn Heinzen

Team 2020
Jonathan Vidal

Team 2019-20
Etienne Chosson & Jonathan Vidal

Team 2017-19:
Constance Brosse, Etienne Chosson & Mathias Pfund


Zabriskie is supported by
Ville de Genève, la Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia
Canton de Genève, FCAC - Fonds cantonal d‘art contemporain, Genève et Oertli Stiftung, Zürich



☀ SOON ☀

Doris Hardeman
Nothing more than ears of wheat

Starts: 18:00

Rdpt de Plainpalais 11
1205 Genève

Looking forward to seeing you!

kindly supported by:
FCAC - Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, Genève
Stiftung Oertli
Stroom Den Haag


Doris Hardeman *1993
Lives and works in Den Haag

“The interests I address in my practice center around the idea of ageing as a transformative system; a system which affirms certain social patterns and structures in society. By shifting between specific time-frames I focus on exemplifying the in-between. This in-between becomes a territory in which the fantasy can roam; the fantasy being a vital key in the chain of in-betweenness as it balances on the borders of personal freedom and uninhibitedness as well as the pre-commercialised structures of our capitalist society. The betwixt heterotopic space creates an abstraction which allows a distance necessary in order to rethink or re-imagine our place in the present.”

Past exhibitions
Site internet, Valentin Bigel (Groupe CCC)