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Till Langschied - La tempête dans le nuage informatique
* For his solo exhibition "La tempête dans le nuage informatique" Till Langschied expands the installation of silver flags from his work Datapotheosis (2020) to fill the entire space of Zabriskie Point. The flags are reminiscent of Tibetan prayer flags, which send out blessings when moved by the wind. The artist draws a parallel between this religious function and the quasi-spiritual character of data traffic and uploads into an invisible ‘cloud‘. As such an entangled cloud the flags in the exhibition space can be seen as units in a server farm, enduring a constant storm of electronic impulses rushing through them.
In opposition to the cloud of flags Langschied places a messy network of cables on the floor which connects two central towers with a series of aluminum prints that function as portals into a digital reality. The glitched images indicate that this digital reality is generally way more chaotic than the titans of the internet want to make us to believe.


May 2021

Dear Till,

When I was a kid, I used to believe in god. Today I believe in the web. It helps me to ease my sorrow, to find cues and clues for my wishes to become true. Believing that i can choose a life somewhere else, be someone else and pretend that i am living my greatest life. I grew up in a hyper positive time where the need to believe in something is like drinking water. So let me explain to you that as a kid I always wanted to be a Superstar, in whatever. I started with dancing and singing in my room. I made lists of CD’s and DVD’s i wanted to copy and share with friends and early crushes. When I discovered I started obsessively to comment on everything and blogging became my full part time job besides school.

10 years later, my entire datasets are synchronized and secured on several Silverhorse accounts. I possess 2 laptops, one for work and one for private matters. I have 1 smartarm and 3 tablets, one is for presentation at work, the other one is for light traveling aaand the other one is just simply for watching series in bed or for Scratch. I am not going into shops anymore. I get stuff delivered at my doorstep and if I don't like the item, I just send them back. I hardly have to go anywhere. I order things from ALfa int. or if I find anything special on GIGI, like brand clothing, accessories or selfcare apps, I just add them in my GIGI shopping bag. On GIGI i have 5 different profiles: one is for my job (very practical and fun to network there! My boss loves it!) I get invited to parties and drinks, I see what my colleagues are doing and where they are. We share share share share!!! Then I have a personal profile and 3 others, which I can’t really acces anymore. What I really find cool about GIGI is that it is so much easier to connect casually for a date. You can get more personal very quickly. Swiping to the right gets me so confused at times because my fingers are much faster than my mind. Did I swipe left or right? I get into this tunnel. It is intense. LOL. There are days where I forget all of my passwords… I get this sudden eerie feeling of being invisible. I don’t know which vibe i just had before, I am experiencing those crazy blackouts and i forget that i actually already made an account in some hours before or why I am actually holding my phone and the tablets at the same time. It’s crazy, believe me! But then I remembered again, I just added this white leather coat in my cart. I just had to.

Anyways, the reason why I am writing to you is because I am confused. Because I can never be sure, how things are exactly happening.. or FTW IRL is going on. I have soooo many profiles, I can't remember where.. I can’t even say which is important or not. So I just simply ignore them and make new ones. I am all over the place. Recently I got back into this mode of crying a lot and stuff and I find it so difficult to go out of my apartment and relate to people. My online shrink recommended to me wind that helps me to work on my social anxiety. It teaches me to maintain my daily 1 hour of time offline. So I watch something in Apollo2 and zoom out for a while. Maybe I should just turn my anxiety into a money making job, like my other peers.. I could give it a try... But i am not sure... But that's the thing, I should believe in myself right and that's the new life, right?


Photo Credit: Jerlyn Heinzen